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6 October
"Here you can enter a little mini-biography about yourself."

Oh, yes. A chance to make me look amazing. Hah.

Biography, eh?

This journal is a friends' only journal. If you're not a friend click here in a vain attempt of being added to my friends' list and therefore get to know me as well as I do.

There's a little list of interests below, so if you wanna friend me it'd help to have at least one of those things in your interests, too. Unless you just think I sound ace. Or you're just desperate to read my journal. Or... something

I moan a lot, my current mood is usually a crying star and I sulk for hours on end about the most pointless of things. So, yeah. Whatever.

Biography that.

I am currently feeling (or was feeling this way last time I bothered to change my Imood):The current mood of McGovern at www.imood.com

I have a Faceparty and you should all rate me a beefcake because it makes me laugh.

"Not to be overly dramatic,
I just think it's best
Because you can't miss what you forget"

American Football - Never Meant